Blog # 1: The Last Three Weeks

Hello! And thanks for stopping by our first blog post! I figured this would be a nice way to catch up and let everyone know where we are at the moment. It’s been a hectic month! In the last three weeks alone we announced that we are actually a band, released our first song on all streaming platforms (, and played our first show with the amazing Gin Blossoms and Punchline! The reception we received has been outstanding, better than we could have ever hoped. And we want to keep the momentum alive and well! Just to keep everyone up to date our next performance is next week, Friday March 15th. It’s a televised performance on KET’s City Nights! We’re excited to become IMDB artists and make it TV official. After that we are still finalizing our roadmap for 2019. At the moment are recording the last four songs of our EP, working on a music video for “American Dream” and planning some awesome summer shows for everyone! Hope you’re as excited as we are to see where this hype train takes us! Stick around for our first vlog coming early next week as well!


Our First Show at Bogart’s with Gin Blossoms and Punchline.